As someone who is simultaneously baffled and fascinated by the everyday world, my artistic activity allows me to think through the questions that niggle at the back of my mind.  Often these questions focus on the entanglement of people, process and place.

Recently I’ve been thinking about how we perceive and understand the barely visible and less considered processes and materials that exist within our surroundings. 

In a world where we’re overloaded with visual and auditory information I wonder how the full complement of senses can be engaged in this enquiry and how vision could once again become something material and embodied, beyond an image on a screen.

I produce spaces, processes, journeys and sometimes objects/tools that set in motion a way to become more sensitive to our surroundings and engage with landscape through our bodies and senses. My work hovers between material and digital, allowing ideas to flow between the two worlds.

I wonder whether different understandings and imaginings of our surroundings can lead to new ways of being in the world and being together: perhaps reframing social and environmental debate.

Sometimes I work alone but more often I choose to think and make with other people, inviting them to join the process of enquiry. Through this process, we look  for points of connection and commonalities.