Lockdown mapping of local landscapes

My lockdown activity has been characterised by a need to record, document and map my surroundings. Perhaps a fear of not being able to return to these places, a way of noticing and remembering.

This thread has emerged in my artist educator and participatory work during lockdown. I have started to develop ways for people to look more closely and through different lenses at their immediate surroundings.

Above is a simple online activity for Suffolk Artlink’s Make Do & Friends programme. The technique looks to record the tactile memories of a village walk collecting impressions in blue tac and printing these with ink stamp pads.

These walking cards were my own attempt to capture three consecutive walks in parched Suffolk fields using printed collected materials.

With Suffolk Artlink again, this was our first face to face engagement activity post lockdown. We invited visitors to Clare Country Park to take a prompt card and use this to look at a familiar route through fresh eyes.

This activity was developed further for a family activity for Kettles Yard, Cambridge. Exploring the neighbourhood from the viewpoint of a city animal.

Lastly a family online activity mapping the micro-landscapes that exist in the cracks and crevices of pavements and walls. I’m fascinated by the minutiae of these spaces and this activity draws on research from the stones of the Abbey ruins.