River:Litter Trails

Project development for Brecks, Fen Edge and Rivers Partnership

Continued development of a programme of engagement activities now known as Litter Trails. The brief is moving towards family orientated and school activities, the 100plus beer cans in the ditch are no longer mentioned.

We focus on the strangeness of discovering an out of place object and propose a personal investigation. We are now deep in lockdown, people will find the activities through an online platform or possibly when the restrictions start to relax through low key interventions at popular visitor sites.

I look for a visual language to catch people’s attention amongst the avalanche of online art activities.

Shortly after I started writing this post the entire project was cancelled due to Covid 19. This is the prototype for our first online activity. It’ll be hanging around on this post until we decide how we might want to incorporate it into our personal art-based research into river health.

River Survey

Abandoned objects