River:Abandoned objects

Project development for Brecks, Fen Edge and Rivers Landscape Parthership

A large amount of litter is making its way into the rivers of the Brecks region. As Unbuilt Studio, Stephanie Hartick and I have been asked to develop a project for The Brecks, Fen Edge and Rivers landscape project that raises public awareness of the problem and encourages action to improve the health of the rivers.

We consider approaches, sometimes this problem feels overwhelming, so we look at ways of identifying specific areas for possible intervention.

According to litter pick volunteers, the greatest concentrations of litter occur where the rivers intersect with roads, railways and paths. Often this litter hints at a mystery, why were 100 plus beer cans left under a bridge or 30 tennis balls captured in a shallow just downstream from Santon Downham picnic site.

We start to build a project that surveys and maps the type of litter that gathers at points where people interact with the river, looks to investigate its source and makes playful interventions that highlight and address the problem.