The Cloisters, Day 3: Sensory objects and well-being

A residency for Fine Not Fine (an organisation raising awareness about young people’s mental health) in response to the following statement;

Sensory boxes are a technique used to help distressed children self soothe. The technique is built around creativity and personalisation.

The residencies took place within the Fine Not Fine art exhibition in St Edmundsbury Cathedral Cloisters

with Lynn Whitehead: writer and storyteller

Third Day in residence

Many hands have touched these same surfaces, our lives link, through this touch, to stories from the past.

Do the stones witness and absorb, how could they testify, which specialist could read the stories they embody,

where does their narrative continue beyond the human timeline.

Momentarily captured and configured into a manmade structure,  how soon will they be released back into their geological timeline.

We connect through tactile encounter, running our hand into pits and through grooves,

a paper fold echoes the reassurance of the touch.

Surface is experienced in a similar way, sensory object or experience

we fold, we don’t think,

solace, calm, reassurance, insignificance, connection, support.

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