The Cloisters, day 3: Sensory experience and well-being

A residency for Fine Not Fine (an organisation raising awareness about young people’s mental health) in response to the following statement;

Sensory boxes are a technique used to help distressed children self soothe. The technique is built around creativity and personalisation.

The residencies took place within the Fine Not Fine art exhibition in St Edmundsbury Cathedral Cloisters

with Lynn Whitehead: writer and performer

Day 3 in the Cloisters, today I return with Lynn Whitehead, writer and storyteller, our focus is on the stones. We want to start a conversation about the implicit relationship we have with these stones and the ways in which they offer us comfort, calm, solace, reassurance.

We talk through ideas. For Lynn, many hands have touched the same surface, our life links to stories from the past, a possibility that the stones witness and absorb. For myself, the idea of beyond human timeline, we find these stones briefly captured into a manmade structure but soon they’ll be released into the geological timeline.

We connect with the surfaces through a tactile encounter, running our hand over the pits and grooves. Paper folding feels an appropriate response, creating a surface that can be experienced in a similar way and introducing a meditative activity as we think further on how these ideas link to human wellness.

The installation is sited along the length of the Cloister

folded paper; layered polaroid images; limestone; flint; words

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