The Cloisters, day 1: Sensing space

A residency for Fine Not Fine, an organisation raising awareness about young people’s mental health In response to the following statement

Sensory boxes are a technique used to help distressed children self soothe. The technique is built around creativity and personalisation.

The residencies took place within the Fine Not Fine art exhibition in St Edmundsbury Cathedral Cloisters



‘The cloisters invite measurement, the space fits 74 steps at an even pace. A siren hastens the journey.’¬†

Gothic windows frame an edge of the space, each pane of glass unique. The outside world is glimpsed through a myriad of filters.


How do we sense space. A new word for me, proprioception, does this explain the compulsion to walk the length of the cloisters, measuring with my body. Do I feel settled once I’ve done this.

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