Overlooked and underfoot with Unbuilt Studio

A week between projects put aside for Unbuilt Studio development work. Dedicated to finding our new SSAIs (Sites of Specific Artistic Interest), the overlooked, microscopic pockets of urban wildness. How do we go about finding these sites: scientific method, artistic instinct or chance. These thoughts go into a hat and we draw the option of letting the dog decide, a nose led journey to a local park bench.

Behind the vileness of the bench surprises are in store: lichen holding the pattern of the recycled plastic; muddy footprints initiating new growth; grass coloured by a circle of urination; ciggie butts altering the ph of the soil. Human traces telling a story in a micro landscape. A place for a person to pause and consider the barely visible habitats around them.

How do we record and document, will we co-make to reflect our findings or will this research inform our individual practices?

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