The art of messaging

For Open House, Kettles Yard with Grove Primary School, Virtually There Studio, Cambridge Amateur Radio Club

Special Thanks to Centre for Computing History, Community Workshop and Tim Welton for loan of old communication devices

‘How will I meet up with my mates in London on a night out with no mobile phone?’ A chance enquiry from my son that sparked an almost obsessive interest in old and new communication technology and led to an opportunity to spend 5 weeks investigating how well we communicate and message with a group of Year 4 and 5 students.

My own children are questioning their reliance on mobile phones, will the slightly younger generation still be able to ask those questions? What came before, how well do we communicate with the devices we use now and how will communication tech develop in the future?

Over the 5 weeks we explored messaging through words, images and body languages; investigated a wide range of historic devices; communicated with a microbit and tried our hand at coding; built morse code buttons and sent messages via 2 way radio and finally wrote actual letters about our thoughts on future communication. We shared our research and findings with the rest of the school and parents using Bare Conductive paint and touchboards.

Be patient for the following slideshow.

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