The Making Space


With Elizabeth Cooke at Oakes Barn Pub

A brand new space and a temporary community where we can make art, once again in a pub. We also love our new poster from Andrew Akehurst at Community Workshop. We’ve taken what we’ve found out from  the All the Kings Men commission and are looking to build on this knowledge with the Making Space.

Printing is our main focus and an etching press has been bought for the group with money from the town council. This time there is no ongoing funding, materials are replenished through donations and the pub only asks that a drink is bought in exchange for the use of the space.

Liz and I, as artists, are part of the group, sometimes we suggest an idea or lead an activity, at other times we suggest another group member to do so. The regulars are quickly taking ownership showing newcomers how to use materials and equipment. This is a level of ownership that we were looking for with All The Kings Men but scarcely touched on.

The group attracts people who’ve never made art before along with experienced print makers and our hope is that we can all develop our art practice through sharing practical know-how and ideas.

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