Bury Sketchers: drawing in a public space

Drawing at the Doodle Bar on a cold Monday evening

Bury Sketchers is a Facebook group which you’re welcome to join

Bury Sketchers  is also a Facebook page but we don’t update this as often

With artist Deborah Pipe and Alison Hart-Arkley.

Bury Sketchers was conceived as a way to take art out of a gallery space onto the streets of the town. At the time I was immersed in post graduate study with lots of questions I needed to investigate. I wanted to explore a grass roots approach to participation. By embedding myself in this group without payment I could investigate how this approach might work out. 

The group has raised many questions, new networks have formed and action has been taken. A solid core group exists and would continue to exist in some form even if we were to walk away from it. Four years in, this is the longest I have stayed with any project and some unexpected new activities have emerged, including Sketch Lounge, We retain a degree of authorship, continuously reflecting on and adjusting the process. This has been a long collaboration between Deborah, and more recently Alison, and myself and has made us question the nature of working together. 

Drawing new development at Bury Station

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